Lesson 6: Marketing and Content Plan

Insure you are on track and that you are making an impact with your marketing content. Okay, lesson number six, coming up with a plan and making sure that you know in advance what you’re going use in your advertisements. My name’s Ryan Spelts, and I’m a small business owner and a marketing coach.  I…

Lesson 5: Facts Tell, Stories Sell

You may have heard of the old adage that facts tell and stories sell. And this is true. People want to hear the story behind your brand. It’s become even more popular with unique marketing that’s happening online with YouTube and different channels where people are using these fun, exciting ad platforms or ad approaches…

Lesson #4 The most powerful word in advertising!

Hi, I’m back to talk a little bit about the words you use in advertising and how to make them effective. My name’s Ryan Spelts and I’m a small business owner and a marketing student. I make these posts to help my clients and help others to learn a little bit about advertising and how…

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