This is a simple format that can be duplicated in creating a sales demo. If any of these parts are missing the approach will fall short. Of course before number 1 below the sales person must find a prospect. Then …

1. Build Rapport

  • People do business with people they know and trust
  • Find common beliefs
  • Get to know them as you would a friend
  • Remember information you hear so you can refer to it when building value in your product

2. Identify a need

  • What is the problem your customer has that your product solves
  • People buy benefits not features (what does the product do for them, not just what does it do)
  • Why would they be interested in your product? Not why you are interested. Ask questions fill needs.
  • Personalize it.  The customer should realize that they have the problem the product solves

3. Product – Provide a solution (Focus on Emotion)

  • People buy on emotion and defend with logic
  • Using the information acquired from the questions, personalize and explain how the product solves the problem.
  • The best way to show a product solves a problem is through true 3rd person stories of others who have had the same need and used the product to solve it.
  • Emotion comes from wanting the experience the product offers which is sold through stories (Facts tell, stories sell)

The 4 P’s (Price, Plan, Package and Paperwork)

4. Price

  • Confidence and personal belief in the price
  • Why it is priced as it?
  • Enthusi.a.s.m. (I am sold myself)
  • Price comparison if applicable (This can sometimes take to focus to logic and features, often it is better to keep the conversation on emotion and benefits)

5. Plan

  • How people pay for the product
  • Cover payment options or common ways to pay
  • Make sure customers understand the easiness of the plan
  • Cover how and when items or service will be delivered with excitement

6. Package

  • Give an incentive to say Yes! Today
  • Free items or limited time discount (impending event)
  • Motivation to make a decision now, not put it off till later
  • Be firm and honest, if it is something you always offer then it is not an impending event (Example: As an incentive for you to get it today, I will throw in this item…)

7. Paperwork

  • Ask for the order
  • With a smile
  • Silence is a powerful closing tool. Ask then don’t talk until an answer is given.
  • Jerry Jones – Owner of the Dallas Cowboys, was asked his secret to business success, he said; “I believe there are 5 keys to business success, 1st is Ask for the money.  The second…..Uh, I don’t  remember the rest of them.”

coming next overcoming objections…

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