I spent 20 years running businesses for others but always had the dream to create something of my own. For the last 6 I have followed that dream and started and successfully run my own company Connection Publishing. Today I work as the CEO of Connection Publishing, I own a Roof Maxx dealership with my son Koby and I am starting a new dinner menu and recipe website called WhatToEat4Dinner.com.

Along my journey, I have developed skills in selling, marketing and leadership which I have decided to share. I am not selling anything here, my hope is to help small business owners become better marketers and have better lives. The more successful, the happier I will be. 

One key difference between myself and most people marketing is that I am a salesman. This gives me a unique perspective in marketing. I market to sell. I believe a sales person should be a trusted advisor who their clients can trust to tell them the truth even if it means they don’t spend as much $ with the salesperson. It also means that the salesperson should be a knowledgeable expert in their field. Though I certainly don’t know everything, I have put together a lifetime worth of knowledge and I am using this blog and my video series to share that knowledge.

In 2016 My wife and I started Connection Publishing a neighborhood magazine company and currently have a staff of 6 employees and 10 independent contractor creatives (Connectionpub.com). I also partnered with my son and purchased a RoofMaxx dealership for our local area that he primarily runs and I handle the marketing for him. I will be teaching about what we do and what my clients do to effectively market their companies so you can follow along and learn for your small business. 

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