Short Term GAIN, Long Term PAIN!

I have had quite a few conversations lately with the leaders in my organization about this idea. Often I see people make decisions that satisfy their most immediate need, or more accurately… desire. They, however, may not realize or choose to ignore the fact that immediate decisions can cause more pain in the long run. … Continue reading Short Term GAIN, Long Term PAIN!

Overcoming Sales Objections

The Objection Wheel Overcoming objections in a sales presentation is an art and finely honed skill. Most sales people fail to develop this skill sufficiently.  Some very good sales people rely on their charm and charisma to help customers overcome their objections however don’t realize why they are even good at the skill.  When developed, … Continue reading Overcoming Sales Objections

Same Time Every Day, Nothing Gets in the Way!

I met with my children last week and asked them to write out their goals.  It was such a fun exercise because my children surprised me with their excitement and earnestness in setting goals.  I had them watch this youtube video of Zig Ziglar talking about goals ( Then I asked them to take a … Continue reading Same Time Every Day, Nothing Gets in the Way!

I am Just Not Motivated…

How many times have you heard that? or said it? The reality is there is a misconception about motivation. Most people, especially sales people, look for external motivators (income, incentives, awards). While those things can motivate for a short period of time, the results are fleeting. How then can we keep someone (or ourselves) motivated?  … Continue reading I am Just Not Motivated…