Define your WHO

The Who Worksheet will help you define your ideal customer. Determining your WHO is crucial to effective marketing. Defining your potential customer as “everyone” or “anyone who likes _____.” is too broad. While everyone might possibly be your customer, hone your messaging to those who are most likely to love you and your product. Lack of a specific definition of your WHO will cost you time, money, and effectiveness. This worksheet will help you determine your WHO. Be detailed. Click the image for a FREE printable worksheet.

Define your WHY (USP)

Your unique selling proposition (USP) is WHY people do business with you. It should be short and real; don’t claim something you can’t back up. It should highlight your strengths, touch on what your customers like about you, and use powerful wording to say it concisely. This is much more than a slogan and much more specific than “We Create High-Quality Products.” which is so vague it almost means nothing. It can also easily be used by a competitor. Your US needs to be uniquely yours. If you have multiple focuses, you may want to have one USP for each area and one for your company as a whole.

Once you know your WHO and your customers WHY it is time to tell people about it. Now we can decide on which mediums will be best for your message and what you are attempting to accomplish. An advertising budget can vary greatly from business to business. As a general rule of thumb, a business should spend 7-8% of its annual revenue on advertising. A startup will need to spend more, while some businesses will be able to spend less. No matter what, set a budget and put it towards paid advertising.

WHERE Worksheet

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